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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 19, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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good wednesday morning. coming up on early today. new direction. d developments and fresh crews overnight. the reset with russia becomes a memory. police officers are narrowly missed by an out of control puptd. two big winners in the $400 million jackpot. honoring the best of america. it's wednesday, march 19th. "early start"s right now. good morning.
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i'm frances rivera. there's word malaysia flight was diverted. we heard from the press conference that wrapped up minutes ago. let's go to duncan live in london. tell us what you learned. >> the prime minister said investigators are trying to restore files deleted from the flight simulator from the pilot. he also said shah is considered innocent milli innocent until proven otherwise. a lot of anger just before the news conference got started in kuala lumpur. the search continues on the area the size of two-thirds the
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united states, most intensively in the indian ocean. 26 countries are helping in the search. there are doubts how well they're cooperating with one another. thailand confirmed it showed an unidentified plane heading toward malacca at the time the 370 went missing. back to you. >> so many blanks to be filled. thank you. over seas, tough talk from vladimir putin. the mood in moscow is se celebration and defiant. president putin was there calling the u.s. unprofessional and irresponsible. tracey pots is live in washington. it appears tensions are rising more. >> we're seeing this morning with the russian take over of a navy port in crimea, apparently the ukrainians did not resist at
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all according to our reports. it's raising questions about whether this is a complicated global chess game wondering what russia might do next. with crimea almost firmly in its hand, is russia unstoppable in other soviet nations should worry. >> there's no question if we have a rupture in our relationship with russia, there are going to be costs elsewhere in the world. >> calling the annexation of crimea a land grab, vice president biden insured baltic leaders u.s. would step up air control. >> our commitment is unwaivering and unshakeable. >> the crimea conflict has turned deadly. the first ukrainian soldier was killed. the economic sanctions hope to stop the defiant putin from pushing further into ukraine.
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administration insists sanctions affect more than 11 people's bank accounts. >> it affects the ability of the united states parties to do business with those people. >> is it enough? >> it cannot stop there. we have to stop russian banks from doing business outside of russia. >> in washington, there's the political call for president to focus on what's happening outside the u.s. >> every day and moment he's working on a foreign policy issue is a moment he's not focussing on the economy in the minds of people. >> this morning we learn there's a uss guided missile destroyer doing exercises with bulgaria and romania. the pentagon said it's not related to the current tensions on that peninsula. >> thank you very much. in seattle, federal investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong in a
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horrific 2e8 vision helicopter crash. it smashed into the street a few hundred yards from the space needle. it hit three cars setting them on fire. the experienced pilot and photographer were on the plane working for komo tv. they were pronounced dead at the scene. he was one of the nicest men ever, so loved and respected. he was a great photographer. he was just a great person. >> a third man was seriously injured. he was on fire when he escaped from his car. the helicopter her was a temporary replacement while the station's chopper was in the shop. the mayor says the city will look at rules as it investigates. on a lighter note, there's two mega million winners.
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the lucky winners will split the jackpot, third largest so far. there were eight tickets matching five numbers worth a million a piece. 11, 19, 24, 33, 51 and mega ball 7. friday's jackpot resets to just $15 million. now to another good fortune of a different kind you've got to see. state troopers were investigating an accident when -- look at that. out of the ordinary when a pickup truck comes flying towards the troopers, goes air born and just missed them. the driver failed to slow down and rear ended the pick up. looks like no one was hurt. police released this as a rem d reminder to slow down at the scene of an accident. dylan is here with your forecast. getting close to spring. >> it starts tomorrow. 100% certainty spring will start
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tomorrow. it has to happen that way. we aren't going to feel that spring like in some areas. eastern minnesota also northern wisconsin snow is coming down fairly heavily. heavy rain in chicago, could end up with one to inch on top of what's on the ground. dry in the southwest. nothing but sunshine in the forecast. pacific northwest remains rainy. heavier pockets of rain north of seattle. that will continue to come on shore through the day. also mountain snow likely as well. tomorrow is another rainy day in seattle too. finally as we go to friday, should see increasing sunshine. temperatures hovering around the low 50s. by sunday, that's when it's finally going to feel spring like in the seattle area. partly cloudy, highs topping around 56 degrees. rain will come55.
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60s and 70s in california. flag staff 54. you always get the tale of it would have worlds. sunshine in the south and northwest gets the rain. >> then you've got us. we wish it to happen. >> listen for birds chirping. >> dylan, thank you. still to come, can president barack obama turn brackets into a million more with health care? plus the popular restaurant. details in two minutes. and the same beautiful hair. [ female announcer ] with nice 'n easy, get the most natural shade of you. get three salon tones in one step. with expert highlights and lowlights. for color so true to you, they may think you were born with it.
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can replay phone calls up to a month after they happen. the most goes on to say mystic is deployed in at least one country. looks like that a flu sa case to settle with the victim 's families. the family will pay the undisclosed amount. president barack obama will announce the march madness bracket on espn as he does every here. he's expected to also make a push for the affordable care act. the 16th sweetest reasons to get the covered campaign to get americans signed up before the march 31st deadline. in disney world, presented with the freshest fish they had seen. the tank sprung a leak sending customers running. been there.
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the best tables are right around that. that's what you get. time to get down to business. federal reserve chief janet yellen wraps up a two day meeting. many are expected to increase $65 million to $55 billion. rapid excel ration problems in some of the cars, toyota will pay $1 billion and doj won't prosecute as long as they make improvements. amazon will roll out to compete with apple tv and chrome cast. a list of 15 highest paying countries in america, apple number one. number 14 is apple there. yahoo is 13 i should say. twitter 11. auto desk in the $125,000 a year range.
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followed by visa, linked in. a number of consulting companies and apogee medical at the top with $220,000. that was number one. what do you do if your team isn't winning? this is one idea. this is what the world's strongest man looks like. how much is he lifting there? that's next. wisest kid?
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this morning on "today." dr. nancy breaks down numbers that shows the dramatic impact alzheimer's has on women. now to sports this morning. the zen master has returned to sports. excitement following the announcement of phil jackson with more championship rings than fingers. fans hope he'll transform the knicks into winners as he did with chicago and la. he played with the team during their 1972-73 championship season, their last title run. the indianapolis colts owner reportedly checked into a rehab facility after he was arrested and charged with dui and controlled substance. he's struggled with substance abuse many yours. now the set at 64, the men's
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tournament. winning 74-57 they earn the chance to play st. louis. albany beat st. mary's. their win sets up the david versus goliath matchup when they play number one seed florida. can't cheer for smith anymore on the team. >> now we have to cheer for cam newton. >> who we going to cheer for on sundays now? >> oh boy. a full meltdown. steve smith couldn't help but be touched by that relationship. he plans to visit gavin and make it better. talk about a buzz kill. the bee caused a delay in the game. the ground crews sprayed repellant hoping to spray the
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insects away. cleveland cavaliers 26-41 getting high-tech help putting fans in the seats. cleveland began rallying by doing this. that's an eye popping 3d video extravaganza that plays sent court. that was created with use of 18 hd projectors. a city anymore name entered the record book by doing this. concentrate. he's in the zone and does it. he's dead lifting tires 1155 pounds doing it at the 2014 arnold strong man classic. just ahead, a night hood for one of william and kate's favorite people. plus a major rocker hits the voice next. as a kid, i made a list of all the places i wanted to visit.
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and whitens with 3x the stain lifting ingredient for a smile that dazzles. new crest 3d white brilliance. good morning and welcome back. a little bit damp across parts of seattle and a little chilly in oregon 36 degrees. 50s across california where the sun will come out and warm you to 60s and 70s. maybe an isolated thunderstorm in seattle today, 56 degrees. tomorrow, showers in the pacific northwest. clouds work in the southwest. 74 la, san francisco should top out around 68 degrees. just a couple of clouds that are
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unfortunately not going to see rain the next couple of days. >> lots more rain now that spring is coming. thanks. mit jagger is spoken out about the death of his girlfriend. he's quote, still struggling how scott could have landed her life in that way. he goes on to say they spent many wonderful years together and her talent was admired. rolling stones have postponed their tour following scott's death. chris martin will appear as an advisor to all four coach's teams on the voice. the hbo mega hit game of throwns, cast members are tight lipped on plot details. we can expect female characters to take the lead. this week, an actress stopped by ellen to promote the
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fi film. she has a new son named blaze. >> a friend of mine was nicknamed that. i always loved that. my husband and i met in a house fire basically. we did. >> i know about this. >> the house burnt down. we survived. >> at least the name has meaning for the couple. there's a new knight in england. prince william knighted the doctor from last summer. delivering the future king he says was a nice way to end his career. according to officers, justin bieber said i'm just having a good time. what were you doing when you were 19? the officer responded not driving around in a lam bett be
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guinea -- lam bett guinea. all things considered with celebrities and their kid, blaze is normal, not so crazy. >> she has a reason behind it. it makes sense in their world. from outsiders you don't understand where names come from. >> when you're a celebrity, you give a weird name. that's kind of what you do. thank you very much. i am frances. this is "early today." we hope this is just your first stop today. let me get this straight... [ female voice ] yes? lactaid® is 100% real milk? right. real milk. but it won't cause me discomfort. exactly, no discomfort, because it's milk without the lactose.
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leading the news. in the washington post this morning, women in the naval academy sex assault case testified saying he quote, kind of laughed when she asked if they had sex in 2012. charges hinge on whether she was too drunk to remember. 57-year-old first time candidate face as pat a quinn in the fall. veterans are the newest recipients of the medal of honor. president barack obama said they fought for a docountry tha didn't always see them as equal.
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>> qualities that makes america great, makes us exceptional. no nation is perfect. in america, we face sometimes painful past. >> the honees are from world war ii. one of the brightest stars in the sky will be visible along the north eastern u.s. and eastern canada for two minutes. it's a sign of the times. you can also watch it online. get your sleep, google after the fact and watch it. scientists impose a diet for a 44 pound eight-month-old baby. according to media, he's always been a big boy, weighing over nine pounds at birth.
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doctors suspect his weight is from overeating and his life is in danger if he doesn't lose 27 pounds. a look back. the white house plans to announce initiative on climate change. companies are given better access to data, maps. all in an effort to combat global warming. on this day in 1979, the house began televising floor proceedings. >> house speaker o'neal wondered if house members would line up with slicked down hair to appear on camera. >> from this day forward, every member of this body must ask himself or herself how many americans are listening to the debates which are made. >> today's birthday, dodger pitcher kershaw turns 26. bruce willis is 59. and glenn celebrates 67th.
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i'm frances rivera.
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you, 4:30, i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to. let check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning. as you're picking out your wardrobe today you want to think short sleeves, sunglasses. it's go to-ing warm out there. here's the deal. warm-up today, tomorrow, first day of spring, and then we bring on the rain. potentially a rain c. pattern that extends well into april. first, let's check that drive. here's our own mike inouye. >> good morning. rain in april, showers, okay, part of the rhyme. looking 880 northbound,


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